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What are RPC URL?

The basic RPC addresses offered by blockchain networks are not designed for very large queries, especially considering that many users send requests there at the same time, this means a serious load for the servers. Therefore, you need to get these services from services that provide special RPC address services for Blockchain networks. Otherwise, you may face RPC blocking issues in your Blockchain payments process.

What are Websocket URL?

Websocket APIs allow to receive instant notifications of transactions in the Blockchain network. In CryptoPay, Websocket APIs are used for QR Payments. So if you want to activate QR Payments on a network, you must enter a Websocket URL for that network. You can get Websocket URL from the following service providers.

For Solana we mainly recommend QuickNode. Many of our customers had problems with other providers. But so far QuickNode has been the most trouble-free.

Services that provide custom nodes

NOTE: We do not recommend using white list restrictions on your RPCs at this time. The reason for this is that if you enter both domain and IP, the providers will not recognize your IPs or domain. It's based directly on the user IP. Therefore, it can never be authorized. And almost all providers work with the same logic. We are working on this right now and we will make sure that you can run your custom RPCs with security parameters without any problems.

About of white list configuration

There are things you need to pay attention to when configuring whitelists for your Node APIs. If you only add your domain address, this will be insufficient. Because CryptoPay uses a central server for "Pay by transfer to address (QR Code)" payments, so if you only add your domain, these server requests will be rejected.

Therefore, the parameters you need to add when configuring the whitelist are as follows:

  • Our server IP address:, (you need add both)

  • Your domain address: example.com

  • Your server IP address: If you are using services such as cloudflare etc., domain ip finding sites will not be useful to you. Therefore, it would be better to get help from your service provider.

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