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Version history


  • Improved: Updated in accordance with EIP-6963 standard


  • Improved: To detect late loading browser wallets


  • Fixed: Download text looked bad in black theme
  • Fixed: In some cases, the get_plugin_data function is not defined
  • Fixed: The issue where the wallet selection page if exists QR option does not open on mobile devices
  • Fixed: The issue where the wallet list appears when a transaction is rejected when there is only one wallet


  • Added: Fantom network added to the list of EVM-based networks that come by default.
  • Added: opBNB Mainnet and Testnet added to the list of EVM Based networks.
  • Added: EVM Based testnet networks list is sorted according to the mainnet list set on the panel.
  • Added: Binance Wallet Support for Ethereum Mainnet.
  • Added: WalletConnect support for Solana network.
  • Added: Default Solana RPC address to RPC address section.
  • Added: Free RPCs that you can use as an alternative to the Official Solana RPC address
  • Improved: When there is a single network, we send data on upload instead of receiving dynamic data via API request.
  • Improved: Available in wallet listing wallets are listed at the primary.
  • Improved: The verification API with address transfer (QR Code) has been redesigned.
  • Improved: Debug menu appears when there is any log.
  • Fixed: Warning in save settings process if WP_DEBUG enabled.
  • Fixed: WooCommerce subscriptions not being created for payments on the Checkout page.
  • Fixed: Closed networks appearing in the testnet list.
  • Fixed: Problem appearing in "Network sorting" field when you turn off networks.
  • Fixed: The issue where the title appears even if the ENS Domain is not entered.
  • Removed: The rule that a wallet must remain active.


  • Added: The feature of appearing at the top of the detected wallets
  • Added: Network switching feature after selecting network
  • Added: Arbitrum and Optimism Goerli testnet support
  • Added: EVM Based networks (Arbitrum One, Optimism) that come by default
  • Added: When selecting the network, if there is no supported wallet and qr payments are supported, qr payments are automatically selected. Otherwise, it gives a warning
  • Added: If there is only one wallet, the Pay now text is updated to Pay with {walletName} and a direct connection is established
  • Added: ENS domain support for Ethereum network
  • Added: Price update feature at regular intervals after selecting the network and cryptocurrency
  • Added: Custom image choosing for EVM Based networks (Becuse networks like Arbitrum and Optimism show Ethereum icon due to ETH nativecoin)
  • Added: Phantom wallet support for Ethereum networks (Currently only supports mainnet)
  • Added: Feedback area to get users' opinions and improve our product better
  • Improved: The version system has been brought to the Websocket system of payment with QR. This way, you won't be stuck with any version-related incompatibilities
  • Updated: .pot Language file
  • Fixed: an issue where the WooCommerce order view page redirects to the transaction page
  • Fixed: Native Coin payments not working in WalletConnect with Trust Wallet
  • Fixed: No unsupported network warning in WalletConnect
  • Fixed: An issue where you can't add networks without adding currency in EVM Based networks
  • Fixed: QR code overflowing on mobile devices


  • Updated: QR Verifier for Bitcoin QR payments not triggering


  • Fixed: The CORS problem caused by the licensed domains not being loaded in the QR Payment process has been fixed.


  • Added: All supported wallets are shown and can connect to detected wallets, while undetected ones redirect to download address.
  • Added: On mobile devices, wallets with mobile application are listed and when the wallet is clicked, the application redirects to the dapp browser.
  • Added: If there is only one network, that network is selected automatically.
  • Added: When changing the currency, the "..." dot is displayed in the price section.
  • Improved: Project id field has been removed because CryptoPay DApp is accepted by WalletConnect. It works on our project id.
  • Improved: Parameter optimization in the background transaction confirmation process.
  • Fixed: Redirects url's hook error.
  • Fixed: Very high gas recommendation for token transfers.
  • Fixed: Triggering payment processes with the same amount in QR Payments.


  • Improved: Have some improvements for "Dokan - CryptoPay withdrawal" plugin
  • Fixed: WalletConnect mobile not showing MetaMask & TrustWallet


  • Updated: WalletConnect


  • Improved: Stabilization update for QR payments


  • Added: Support for receiving payments with UniSat Wallet for the Bitcoin network
  • Added: Support to accept optional QR payments as well as wallet payments
  • Added: Preflight to improve performance when converting Stable Coins and same currency in currency conversion API
  • Added: Update Transaction status to "Refunded" when WooCommerce order is returned
  • Added: CryptoPay detail field on WP-Admin order page
  • Improved: Currencies list is hidden if it has only one currency
  • Improved: Color status notifications in the transaction list
  • Fixed: Error on checkout page when payment receiving area is "Order share"
  • Fixed: Problem with Solana network not giving warning if default RPC access permission is turned off
  • Fixed: Problem with settings not showing properly on mobile devices
  • Fixed: Search problem in transaction list


  • Added: The "Payment receiving area" option has arrived. With this option, the payment process can be moved to the Checkout page. For WooCommerce Gateway
  • Added: Option to receive and not receive payment on subscriptions
  • Improved: Dark theme color tones have been improved and made clear
  • Improved: Verifier process
  • Updated: .pot language file
  • Updated: BSC Testnet RPC API URL
  • Updated: Loading gif
  • Removed: "Only logged in users can pay" option


  • Plugin is released